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Jorge Ontiveros

Jorge Ontiveros

Greenway Middle School

Christina Lee

Greenway Middle School

Administrative Team

Our Administrative Team at Greenway facilitates our instructional programs, creates opportunities for teacher leaders, and develops relationships within the school community. Through their skills and contributions, they help us to raise achievement levels for all Greenway Middle School students.

Principal: Mr. Mr. Jorge Ontiveros

Assistant Principal: Christina Lee

School Counselors: Mr. Jeff Stempski and Ms. Sarah Robinson 

School Nurse: Nurse Leon

Social Worker: Ms. Nidia Elm

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Monsie Padilla

Registrar: Ms. Indra Loraso

Records/Attendance: Mrs. Isela Moreno 

Office Clerk: Mrs. Andrea Barajas

We Are 'The Pride'

The Greenway Middle School adopted logo is the lion because we are “The Pride.” In the animal world, the pride is a group of lions that works together to accomplish a common goal. At Greenway Middle School, we also work together to accomplish the common goal of providing high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment. We proudly wear the lion logo because “The Pride Resides Here!”